5 Best SiriusXM Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals – Save $50


SiriusXM Black Friday 2022 & Cyber Monday Deals – Here I have picked the list of 5 best SiriusXM Black Friday 2022. You can save up to $50 on all SiriusXM devices here.

What are the best SiriusXM offers on Black Friday? If you’re looking for a new song on Black Friday, then you are on the right site. No matter if you’re following SiriusXM we’re here to help since we’ve uncovered some amazing deals. This is each After-Christmas deal available on SiriusXM.

Black Friday is a holiday in the USA and people celebrated this holiday with some best shopping sales. On this day every offline and online store offers the best deals and sales. People buy their required things in After Christmas sales and save huge money on the regular price.

SiriusXM Black Friday 2022

Black Friday is a day that brings the same level of madness as a full moon. The day after Thanksgiving has almost become a national holiday, with all the excitement that it brings. Retailers of all kinds offer special discounts and promotions designed to make everyone enthusiastic about the start of Christmas and get you spending … it’s as if you were crazy.

SiriusXM Black Friday

In simple terms, the truth is that terrestrial radio is total junk nowadays. The commercial breaks are far more than the music sections and many of the well-known stations continue to play the same 15 songs in the same order. This is embarrassing and there are many better alternatives in the marketplace. There is a way to link your smartphone to your car, and then use streaming music services such as Spotify or Apple Music but you run the risk of using up the limit of mobile data.

Another alternative is SiriusXM The other option is SiriusXM. Amazon has huge savings on five distinct SiriusXM radio models right now for a limited time.


  • SiriusXM SXV300v1 Connect Vehicle Tuner Kit for Satellite Radio (Save $50) – Get Deals
  • SiriusXM SXEZR1V1 XM Onyx EZR Satellite Radio Vehicle (Save $30) –  – Get Deals
  • SiriusXM Commander Touch Full-Color, Touchscreen (Save $65)  – – Get Deals
  • SiriusXM NGVA3 Magnetic Antenna Mount for Your Vehicle (50% OFF)   – Get Deals
  • SiriusXM SXDV3 Satellite Radio Vehicle Mounting Kit (Save $30)   – Get Deals
  • Sirius XM Onyx Plus Radio – Radio only no accessories (Save $25)   – Get Deals

Does SiriusXM have Black Friday sales?

SiriusXM — Get one year’s worth of SiriusXM Select for just $5 per month and get a free Echo Dot, or get four months of SiriusXM Premier Streaming at just $1.

Can you negotiate with SiriusXM?

Yes, that’s right. You have the option to negotiate the price for your satellite radio service. The service is not available for $15 per month. SiriusXM would prefer that you pay $15 per month rather than nothing.


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