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The Future of Robots in 5 Different Arenas

The future of robots is not like the movies. Sure, there are some people that assume that they will all become self-aware and enslave us all. That’s not the case at all. You’re going

5 Major Reasons Why Solar Energy Is The Future

Rewind time a bit and you’ll find that the past scoffed at the notion of solar energy. That’s not the case any longer. Today, you will find that the future is now, and people

Gadgets From James Bond 007 That Actually Exist Right Now

If you’re a big fan of James Bond, then you no doubt love the gadgets. People of all walks of life see these clever elements and wish they could have them in their home.

Incredible Planes That Blast Past The Speed of Sound

The future of tech is an incredible place to be, and you’re going to start to see a lot of it come through. For instance, if you’re looking at aeronautics, you’re going to see

Sony 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV (2015) Review

Going to the movies is great.  You get to sit in front of a big TV screen with a great Display and sound.   When you shop for a Television in your home, you are

Virtual Reality & Mobile Phones: A Combination for the Future

Virtual reality, or at least its concept, has been around for decades. However, its possible existence has never really taken off. So much so that those who believe in its possibility have been easily

Robot Security Guards: The Future Today

The scene was like something straight out of a futuristic science fiction film, with artificial-intelligence boosted robot security guards patrolling the premises of one of the world’s most recognizable technology hub, the Microsoft campus