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MacBook vs Windows Laptop – Features You Should Know About

There is a fight brewing between two major concepts in tech. There are those that swear by the power and position of Macbook from Apple and those that are siding with Windows. Windows is

ThinkPad Helix: You’re in Control

It was once the dream to be able to strip off the keyboard from a laptop and just retain its screen. Lenovo’s ThinkPad Helix beats the dream through its fantastic rip and flip design.

Using Gizmodo Laptop Reviews Before Buying Your Laptop

Gizmodo laptop reviews are extremely useful when you’re planning to buy a new laptop. In fact, you won’t need to consult any other reviews or reference sites, because you’ll know everything that’s new in laptop

Tips in Updating Your Toshiba Laptop Drivers

Toshiba are among the most popular brands of computers today. Creating some of the best laptops in the market for years now, many computer users put their trust on Toshiba products. While the performances

Should You Get Sager Laptops for Your Games?

Every gamer knows what they need out of a gaming laptop – good graphics, great speed, tolerance for long hours of playing, and great power. In other words, you need to have a total

Comparing Laptop Processors

You take your mobile phone everywhere, and you use your tablet when relaxing and in bed. They are indeed pretty useful, but if you need to do serious work, it’s a laptop that you

Alienware Laptops: Should You Buy Them?

Alienware is a popular maker of gaming computers which are custom built to give superior gaming experiences. With their top of the line specifications and peripherals which facilitate better gaming control, performance and comfort,