Who We Are

We are a group of professional reviewers and writers who have been working with technology since the days of Apple Newton. We simply love gadgets of all shapes, colors and sizes – we are not biased towards one device or OS. While some of the most expensive gadgets have the most features, at the same time, we understand that our readers come to us with different sized budgets, so we don’t always focus on the expensive gadgets. We also understand that not all of our readers are “Super-techies,” we writer our articles in a manner that everyone will be able to understand.

Best Tech Reviews is a website that opened up in March of 2014. We are fully focused on technology ranging from laptops and mobile phones to apps in the Android market. The staff and writers at Best Tech Reviews have and will always take pride in the reviews they write, because  we believe in helping the modern-aged consumer out.

Our Mission

We are a tech review company with big plans for the future. Our mission is to review new important technologies such as laptops and apps – revealing how they can be used to change our lives.

What We Do

We routinely publish high quality reviews written by real people who have used the products. When we are not publishing reviews, we are publishing list-style articles, such as “Top Apps in the Android Market.”




We are open to everyone’s comments and opinions. If you have something you would like to see on our site, feel free to tell us. Individuals who are interested in reaching out and contacting us can do so via email. Our email address is: support@bestechreviews.com