The Future of Robots in 5 Different Arenas

The future of robots is not like the movies. Sure, there are some people that assume that they will all become self-aware and enslave us all. That’s not the case at all. You’re going to find that the future is actually going to be quite functional. Meaning that there are several arenas that robotics is getting pushed into. You’re going to be surprised by some of the innovations that are coming through, as some are already starting to permeate popular culture. The following are just 5 different areas that point to the future of robotics today, and how they are being implemented right now.

For The Elderly 

It was in the movie “Robot and Frank” that the notion of an elderly individual getting assistance from a robot first came into being. The United Nations has estimates that the population of elderly people is set to jump into an incredible number in just 20 some odd years. That means robots will start to proliferate the culture to assist with tasks. Why is this stated? Japanese robotics are already starting to do this. “Helper” robots are being tested in hospitals and a variety of different locales.

Conversational Robotics

You may have heard of two incredible robots, they are called Pepper and Aldebaran. These are two special robots that know human interaction on a personal level. In the case of Pepper, you will find that there are videos showing how it can carry a conversation quite well. This is a new world of robotic interaction, one that is just a few years away from becoming normal to see and interaction with.

Nano-Technology and Robotics

Nano-robotics is something that has been talked about since the dawn of science fiction novels. Today, nano-technology is getting pushed to the brink, with the idea of having small devices that can enter the body, and deliver disease fighting medications and much more. You can seek out swarm robots that are starting to showcase promise in this regards, and will definitely change how you see medicine distribution in the body.


You may already start to see this with your appliances. Customizing all sorts of elements to fit your needs. Well, in the latest round of testing for robotics, many researchers have started working with specific personality elements, age, voice, and much more when it comes to robots. Soon, picking exactly the elements you want in a robot will be a matter of how you want to anthropomorphize it.

Meet Jibo 

Image result for jibo

One of the most incredible elements that you are going to see right now is that of Jibo. This is a robot for the home, and it is specifically designed to interaction with your entire family. It can react to what you’re doing, what you say, and can move with commands. Whether you need instructions from the internet, or you need someone to interact with a social cue, like a joke, or even a story, Jibo reacts to how you interact with it. Simply put, it could very well be the future of robots in the home.

Chances are you may have interacted with some sort of robotic element already. From vacuums that clean up homes without being pushed, to smart refrigerators that are getting a lot more attention than ever before, you’re going to find a variety of different elements coming through in regards to robotics

and technology. The above are just 5 arenas that are changing right now, but they are no doubt just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, as tech changes come through in a variety of different arenas. Keeping an eye on how these changes are accepted, will point to a future in regards to the world of automatons.