Incredible Planes That Blast Past The Speed of Sound

The future of tech is an incredible place to be, and you’re going to start to see a lot of it come through. For instance, if you’re looking at aeronautics, you’re going to see that the high tech is going to speed through the normal arenas. Right now, there are several concept planes that blast past the speed of sound. This is no joke. The speed of sound is going to get broken and pushed through a great deal of arenas. If you haven’t heard about these, or perhaps you just have started to hear about the concepts, consider the following incredible planes that are going to be released in the near future, and could very well change flight forever.

Airbus Concorde 2 

First up is this incredible sonic plane. It’s a fast running concept that is set to break the speed record at Mach 2. How fast is that? Well, it’s slated to be able to take you to Europe from New York City in a matter of a few hours. That’s roughly 3 and a half for those that are counting. It’s not exactly as fast as you’d like, but consider that it can take you 3 hours to get to Paris from San Francisco or perhaps even faster as you can go from Los Angeles to Tokyo! That’s some serious speeds. As it stands, flying across the world can take you a great deal of time, but with this in action, you very well may be pushing the limits of what aeronautics can do.

Aerion AS2 Supersonic Business Jet

For those that are going to be jet setting and need to work out a lot of business, Aerion has you covered. This is for the elite of elites, as it will not be cheap. It will cost 120 million dollars, and it can take you from London to New York City in a matter of hours. You can even jet set across Europe and through to Tokyo without so much as getting through the director’s cut of some of the more epic movies from Hollywood. Ok, real time, you could get from NYC to London in less than 4 hours. That and it will not have a huge sonic boom, which is always the problem with some of these jets. Schedule for flight around 2019, this is going to be interesting for those that do business at a mile high.

Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet

The above 2 planes are definitely fast, and they are going to break the speed of sound, but what about this one. This is one of the more interesting planes in that it is scheduled to have nearly no sonic boom at all. It’s designed for 18-passengers, and it is completely covered. No windows are going to be found here. That’s right, this modification will allow for faster speeds, and will absolutely change the way you think about flying. So how will one look outside? Cameras will feed directly into the cabin, giving people a view of their flight, and the various changes outside. The wings have been modified to not have such a strong sonic boom, and the thin and light approach will absolutely change the game for those looking at traveling at top speeds. This plane is set for a 2018 launch, and it is getting a lot of press right now.

This of course is just the beginning. There are several other luxury planes in the works, and their call to action is speed. They are looking at breaking records, and traveling for business and more. Not only that, there are some that are aiming for the stars, getting passengers into space.