Sony 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV (2015) Review

Going to the movies is great.  You get to sit in front of a big TV screen with a great Display and sound.   When you shop for a Television in your home, you are hoping to get the same experience.   Every department store you go to, you will mostly likely see a TV playing a movie or a game.  The screen and graphics look great.  Well, of course they are going to look great, because they are a part of a display, but what happens when you get home.  Does the television always give you a great screening experience? The volume wasn’t on in the store, so how is the sound? How useful are the features.  The salesman can tell you as many great things about the TV he wants, but it doesn’t mean that that TV is right for you.

The Sony 4K TV is one of the news TVs that Sony has premiered on the market this year.  According to the features and product details available, the Sony TV’s dimensions are 57.3 x 35.1 x10.5 with the stand.  It comes with 4 HDMI inputs and 3 USB inputs.  It has HDR compatibility and Smart Functionality, and a full Array LED light.


There have been mixed visual reviews as well.  Most reviews have states that the Sony TV has great picture quality and meet expectations. Some reviewers however, including the good ones, have stated they have experienced light bleeding.


Many reviews around the web have stated that the graphics, pixels, and overall play on the Sony TV are great.  There is no lag, the pictures are crystal clear, and there are hardly any problems with online connections.

3D Feature

One pro about the Sony 4K TV is that it comes with a 3D feature.  So any action packed, sci-fi, or whatever you like to watch in 3D will be possible.  Customer reviews on Amazon have stated how well the 3D feature works.  The only downside is that the 3D glasses does not come with the package.  You will actually buy the glasses separately.


Many reviewers have stated that had to update their TV when they first turned it on.  Some say that the updating took a long period of time.  That it might have been the connection or the big update.  It seems that the TV does get periodic updates.


There are mixed reviews on connectivity.  Most people stated they experience hardly any problems when gaming.  Most connectivity problems are connecting laptops and streaming devices such as Roku. But some users have stated that a firmware data have fixed this problem.


Reviews say that the sound quality of the speakers are great.  The speakers are 65 watt 2.2 channel speakers that give a loud, clear sound.

There are a lot of mixed reviews for the Sony 4K TV; most however have been positive.  For most of the negative aspects, a simple update seems to have fixed them.