Samsung GT-C3520I Flip Phone

Technology has made great strides in producing cellphones that could hold our whole lives in their hands.  For some people, we don’t need to constantly check our social media accounts, need all the latest apps and games, or have our life in our phone; we just need a basic phone. After looking through many of its features and combing through reviews, this is what I have found out about the Samsung GT-C3250I, which can be found on sites like Amazon and EBay.


The phone has a 2.4-Inch TFT LCD display Screen with 25K colors, and it also has the traditional flip phone keyboard.  The phone has Java Software for instant messaging and much more.  You also able to browse the internet, check your email, use Windows Live Messenger and other messenger systems, use Facebook chat, and of course text message.  The phone also comes with a 3.55 Audio Jack for when you want to use the MP3 and MP4 play or FM Radio feature on the phone.

If you still want to indulge into selfies every once in a while, the phone comes with a 1.3 MP camera with auto focus and smile detection.  The MicroSD card holds up to 16GB, so you’ll have a lot of room to store pictures. The phone has other features such as, but not limited to,

* 2.0 High Speed USB

* Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP

* 9hr. 10 min talk time

* 610 hours of Standby and more


May reviewers stated how clear the sound was; no distortion, static, etc.  It is easy to program to your liking, even though it may come in another language. Many reviewers who travel frequently stated how much they liked that their phone is able to work with different sim cards in other countries.  If you have Bluetooth in your car, the phone easily hooks up to your car so you can listen to music in your car.   Many reviewers, who needed a break from smart phones or needed a phone for their child or elder, stated that it works as it should and it is great as a basic phone.


It comes in another language, since it wasn’t made for the U.S. market.  So when you receive it, it may come in a European language and date format (dd/mm/yyyy).  Many reviewers did say, however, it was easy to set into the English language and figure out how it works.  It doesn’t come with an external screen.  When you receive a notification you won’t be able to look on the screen to see who it is, you have to flip open the phone.  It doesn’t produce great quality pictures as a smart phone, but that is something to expect from a basic flip phone.  It does not come with a charger with a U.S. plug in, but if you have a micro USB cord then that shouldn’t be an issue.

From the reviews, it seems that this phone works as it should with no major problems.