Virtual Reality & Mobile Phones: A Combination for the Future

Virtual reality, or at least its concept, has been around for decades. However, its possible existence has never really taken off. So much so that those who believe in its possibility have been easily labeled as out of touch, or even outright looneys.

Recently, though, talks about virtual reality and of it becoming mass-produced technology has been revived. However, unlike in the past, virtual reality has found an ally in mobile phones. Virtual reality & mobile phones are now considered the key combination that could make living in an alternative reality, well, real.

The buzz about virtual reality was revived in recent memory because of the desire to develop new and better ways to take advantage of the benefits of technology. The mobile phone factor is based on the belief that for virtual reality to live up to its name, the person must not be tied and limited by wires and bulky hardware associated with personal computers and the gigantic main frames of yore.

While it is recognized that PCs and mainframe machines are clearly more powerful, the significant improvement in the capabilities of mobile phones and other similar devices have made the latter perfect companions for virtual reality.

The key feature going for mobile devices is their untethered nature allows freedom of movement, which is something that could transform virtual reality an experience that is truly liberating. In contrast, while PCs and mainframe computers are certainly capable of handling all the needs of running a virtual reality in an alternative environment, the limited movement that the wires and sedentary machines offer can significantly water down the experience.

As good as the new breed of mobile phones and devices are, there are several things that may hinder their integration with virtual reality. One of the things that some experts are looking at is the maximum heat tolerance mobile phones are capable of handling.

Virtual reality requires the maximum computing power of a device. Based on existing models, mobile phones need to work at capacity to enable them to handle the processor and memory needs of virtual reality. In these cases, mobile phones are sure to generate high temperatures that could eventually damage the devices.

Another problem confronting those who want the combination of virtual reality & mobile phones, is the latter’s longevity, or lack of it. Mobile phone batteries may last for several days of normal use. Virtual reality, however, might drain the battery power of the phone in as short as a few hours.

Nevertheless, despite the problems faced by virtual reality today, there is a glimmer hope that it could finally become a reality. One of its best avenues of development is in the area of video games, which are considered probably the nearest thing to an alternative world.

If development will continue on its course, it may not be surprising to see mobile phones equipped with virtual reality capabilities to hit the market in the near future. For now, though, people can be contented with the thought of entering a Matrix-like world as they amuse or entertain themselves in the future.