Navigating through the Android Circuit

With that little green robot which has taken the form of an ice cream sandwich, key lime pie, and Christmas bread in the past, Google has certainly come a long way from its lesser known Cupcake roots. Initially, the market was hesitant to adapt. Now, there are close to 18000 Android variants. Divide that among the 47 members of the Open Handset Alliance, it further split into more than 10 firmware releases. It’s a pretty big world for the dessert-themed mobile OS giant. So, it is very easy to get lost in such a technological maze.

Thankfully, Android’s huge following has also paved the way for news sites where users can get the latest and greatest in the green robot world.

The Android Circuit

Android Circuit provides an extensive weekly roundup of everything Android. The section is packed with features about top-of-the-line Android-touting products (from phones, smart watches, and even gaming consoles) as well as commentaries on how the Circuit can be a better place. It might even feed your Android vs. IOS appetite with news on how the former wins against its Apple-owned rival.


A treasure trove for the day-to-day tech geek, Lifehacker’s Android articles share shiny new apps as well as legendary greats. Users can also dive into the plethora of recommendations and tweaks to spruce up their highly treasured Android device. Lifehacker also gives out tips and tricks on how to fully customize your Android experience (e.g. custom OS mods, launchers). If your Android device is having an unnecessary temper tantrum, look no further for the best troubleshooting reads. Lifehacker is more than willing to offer the best of what the Android universe can offer.

Android Central

Truly living up to its name, Android Central is a smorgasbord of Android-related information. It contains up-to-date news (e.g. newest phones, latest Android OS releases). Wondering if there’s an Android app for something? Android Central has an entire section for apps. They even dedicated an entire section for Android devices. You can also shop around for device

covers, accessories, and other peripherals. Meet other like-minded Android users through Android Central’s forums section.


While HTG do not contain as much news as the others, Android geeks are sure to be delighted if they want to have a “deeper” journey with their device. HTG is rich with how-tos and discussions to further understand that Android device on your desk. Topics range from nifty tricks that can help maximize your device’s potential to guides on understanding and overcoming Android vulnerabilities. HTG can turn you into an Android guru in no time.

Bigger World, Bigger Family

Android may be very fragmented in various aspects since the release of the T-Mobile HTC Dream. But the undeniable vibrancy of its users is the strong thread that ties up the Android world. The open source driven nature of Android is tightly embraced and users are constantly on the verge of breakthroughs. This is evident even in the highly played-around design of the Android logo.

Android has made its presence felt and known. It’s showing no signs of waning. Android is only growing so strong and sturdy, like an immovable force in the mobile technology scene. The Android evolution is so rapid, that no one can afford to be out of the loop. So whenever you’re in need of some Android love, only a few clicks are needed for some techy nirvana.