Futuristic Cars in Production

Some might think that futuristic cars are those which have the ability to fly. That is not necessarily the case as that might cause traffic problems, but who knows? With today’s technology, people can expect vast upgrades from what are currently available in the market.

Here are some of the futuristic cars and concepts that are in production and will be available soon.

BMW i8


With electric and hybrid cars having a fair share in the market, electric supercars are now in the making. BMW’s entry for this category is the i8. It has the Etron and E-Cell. The i8 is based on the Efficient Dynamics concept of recent years and will join the i3 for their line-up of electric cars.

It has a very impressive benchmark from its electric motor which may run on either a diesel or gas engine. People should expect this supercar to be lightweight with very good aerodynamics. It will definitely feature all of BMW’s latest technologies and will be the face of the company.

Volkswagen Design Vision GTI


With its looks, this car is a sure eye catcher. It is considered as the most extreme GTi makeover yet. The side blades will remind you of the Audi R8 but those are actually extensions for the wider wheel profile of 20 inches. Aside from the looks, it boasts of a powerful twin-turbo 3.6 liter V6 engine giving it a 503 hp which is more than twice the power of the stock GTI.

Ford Edge Concept


With the current Ford Focus’s parking assist feature, Ford offers to improve that feature. The Edge Concept features Ford’s latest semi-autonomous driving technology. You don’t have to be inside to park the car. The fully-assisted aid could be controlled from the outside via remote so that the car will park automatically without having to sit inside. It also features an obstacle-avoidance which is not yet widely used but will surely be a feature to look for in the future.

Via Motors XTRUX


It may look like your average truck but this is actually a hybrid vehicle. Usually, hybrid vehicles doesn’t come with a lot of power but XTrux features electric motors which gives a total output of 408 horsepower as well as a V8 engine. Once charged, the electric motors can give you 40 miles. VIA claims this hybrid truck is capable of 100 mpg that will give its driver instant access to 738 lb-ft of torque.

SRT Viper GTS Anodized Carbon Special Limited Edition


The Carbon Special Limited Edition Viper GTS has only 50 prototypes being made. It features a unique style of paint which represents Chrysler’s first attempt at using metallic matte paints. The paint is now paired with black vapour chrome, five spoke Rattler wheels and orange brake callipers giving the car a unique and eye catching look. It also features carbon fiber ducts giving it a mean and aggressive demeanor.

Toyota Driver Awareness Research Vehicle


The DAR Vehicle presents a simple look like the Toyota Innova. It aims to limit the factors which may distract a driver. This can help to reduce accidents. This is achieved by integrating a display into the side window which shows information about traffic, weather, fuel levels, and other details which the driver can see before getting in the car.


These cars will definitely be helpful in a lot of ways like road safety and fuel efficiency. Whether you like a hybrid car for fuel efficiency or a power packed engine, these futuristic cars look promising.