The Idea of Sound Mug Speaker Turned to Reality

Listening to music has always been part of our everyday living. Either it’s the focus of our attention or it plays in the background while we do other things like working and doing the household chores. It is one thing that people from all walks of life enjoy so much. We connect speakers to our PCs, laptops, tablets, and MP3 players to enhance the sound of whatever we are listening to.

Listening to music became more fun and enjoyable with the creation of external loudspeakers. Then these speakers eventually became one of the major accessories in our gadgets. And just as it is with any other gadget, like mobile phones and laptops, speakers have undergone big developments that made them better than ever before. External loudspeakers have evolved from big, bulky and heavy boxes to small easy to carry packages. The increased demand for it led to many new fresh ideas, designs, and concepts. The newer designs that make speakers look really stylish, portable, and very convenient to use. One fancy but very useful speaker design concept that has become reality is the sound mug speaker.


Features and Development

This speaker was created to satisfy the craving of many music lovers for really good sound quality when listening to music whether at home or while traveling. The external design of this speaker is shaped like your typical coffee mug, and it can be easily mistaken as an actual coffee mug! However, you certainly can’t use it like you would a coffee mug.

This speaker design concept was finally put into reality and was manufactured and released into the market by Sony Japan. Sony is a big name in technology and it’s definitely expected from them to create another gadget accessory of good quality.

The speaker was actually scientifically engineered and developed to work as a home audio and a car audio accessory. It even has two different functions. This speaker functions as a dock speaker system that can be used both at home and in a car. Sony’s experts on home audio worked together with experts on car audio to come up with a device that was perfect for use at home AND in the car—two settings with very different audio quality requirements. The two teams worked together to make sure the mug speaker met the audio quality requirements of both settings. Thanks to the teams’ technical expertise, quality audio was produced even with the limited installation space and the speaker itself being as small as a coffee mug. Once you have this sound mug speaker, you would not need to install a sound system in your room and another one in your car anymore.

Quality audio is what we need to make our habit of listening to music more enjoyable. Sony helped guarantee the right audio quality by carefully trying out different possibilities in how the speaker could be made and then choosing on the most efficient option.


This speaker mug is a 16 watt 2-way speaker with a 360 degrees sound stage thus producing a really high quality audio for your listening pleasure. The sound mug has a 1.1 channel speaker where the tweeter was placed on top and the woofer at the bottom. A diffuser which produces the 360 degrees soundstage was placed in the middle. The diffuser was also left exposed which is unlike the usual approach of many designers where diffusers are actually hidden. It has top-mounted controls on it so it is easy and safe to manipulate even while driving. It also comes with a remote control. It does not make use of batteries. If you use it in your car, the power is supplied from your car’s cigarette lighter socket.


This nifty product gets a rating of nine out of ten based on the freshness of the idea and all the technical work that went into making it. It certainly makes listening to music more enjoyable whether you’re at home or on the go.