The AFGT Gaming Device

Modern technology does not stop evolving. We have come a long way, and mostly because of science but also the many people who just love to create things and innovate. Indeed, there have been plenty of amazing innovations and new developments in various fields, not only in vital fields such as medicine but also in the entertainment field, such as the video gaming world. One concept in video gaming that has become popular is the AFGT Gaming Device.

What is AFGT?

AFGT stands for ‘A Feel Good Thing’. It is meant to do exactly that – to make the player experience a unique ‘feel’ of the game. And like any other video gaming accessory, its main goal is to enhance the playing experience.  It is a sleek keyboard made up of touch sensitive silicon which allows the player to actually feel the environment or the surroundings of their virtual game. It has quite a stylish design too.

Underneath the keyboard are silicon air pockets, and each pockets are connected to an air pressure actuator.  When the player navigates or manipulates the keyboard, the air pressure changes and moves the position of the silicon parts, thus providing the player a sensory level connection with the game. The device mimics the terrain of the virtual gaming world that the player is in.

How it works

How is this technologically even possible? It is, with the use of tactile feedback or haptic technology. Haptic technology is simply defined as a technology that provides touch sensation in a virtual or real environment.  It is done by recreating the sense of touch with the application of force, pressure, vibration, or motion to a person.   This technology works because of our tactile perception or sense of touch.  Our sense of touch responds to stimuli such as pressure, skin stretch, vibration and temperature. This is how the AFGT device brings a sensory level connection to its user.


The evolution of the haptic device

This is actually not new in the video gaming world. The idea of the AFGT gaming device may have been derived from simple haptic devices used in arcade games, especially racing video games. Haptic technology or haptic feedback is used in game controllers like joysticks, or steering wheels.  When you play for example a car racing game, you can feel a strong vibration when your car crashes or collides with another vehicle.  It also allows you to experience the game as if it is like you are really ‘driving on the road’, such as when you feel the steering wheel’s resistance when you make a turn or when the car slips out of control. This is just one simple example of how haptic technology works.

Only with vibration, the sensory level effect already adds a lot to the thrill and excitement of the game. Imagine how much more excitement and thrill you would feel while playing if you can also feel the environment of the game you’re in. Imagine how real it would feel like being in the game. This is what the AFGT device concept is all about.

What we think about it

Undeniably, it is a remarkable breakthrough in the video gaming world. We think that we could appreciate it more if we could gain more insight on its mechanisms. As a gamer, I’d also like to know about the other ‘things’ it can do to my gaming experience.

Overall, even with its basic features and design, it’s probably going to be a success, or at least, it would usher in a new era in gaming.  After all, it is one futuristic gaming device that any virtual video game fanatic would want to have their hands on and try.  I personally would want to have one for myself and am looking forward to seeing this available in the market.

Rating: 7 out of 10.