Should You Get Sager Laptops for Your Games?

Every gamer knows what they need out of a gaming laptop – good graphics, great speed, tolerance for long hours of playing, and great power. In other words, you need to have a total workhorse. However, you know that it would probably cost you a lot when you plan to customize your own laptop for the power that you need.

Sager Laptops as a Solution

Sager has always worked with their catchy slogan “You can’t spell without Gamers without Sager.” Perhaps they are right – for years, Sager has been one of the top choices for gaming laptops. The company is known for being a bang for the buck and for customization options.


Recent laptops from Sager all boast the latest Intel Core i7 processors, and are all 4th Generation Intel Core processor capable. That means that you can play recent games that take up a lot of power such as Arkham Asylum without your processor conking out, even if there are other applications running in the background. What makes it even better is that their laptops are also powered by NVIDIA GE Force technology. That means that not only you are getting a great processor to run your games, your gaming experience is also backed up by great graphics hardware.

You might also find it appealing that Sager is also offering the Intel Thunderbolt technology, for the ultimate gaming experience. Thunderbolt technology includes not only the best multi-core technology from Intel, but also 4 X DDR3 RAM, which is the best memory gear you can get if you love multitasking. As the manufacturers say, this technology is made to make you “witness the end of lag.”


Appearance and Sound

Many gamers love the sleek design of a Sager laptop. Some forums compare them to the design of Alienware, but it is much subtly stylish and free from the common bloatware that often come in gaming laptops. Some may complain about the bulk and the weight of some of their cheaper laptops such as the NP4658. However, they are now offering their ultrathin laptop line, which is also worthy to check out. The difference, of course, is that

price – their thinner laptop line costs way more than most of their custom gaming laptops, but they offer the same specs. You may want to stick around with some of the widescreen models with larger bodies if you are merely looking for a solid gaming experience.

On the other hand, the sound from the built in speakers is okay, but you will feel that they can do much better. While it is universally acceptable that laptop speakers may lack some of the low and mid frequencies, some users find that most of the more affordable Sager notebooks and laptops are losing most of the crunch and power in terms of sound, which may be unforgivable when you are a gamer. You may opt to still rely on headphones such as the Razer Kraken if you are gunning for the low end sound register.  However, you might want to get an upgrade and get the Sager NP9377 to enjoy the Sound Blaster X-Fi MB3 Audio, which is probably the speakers with the best EQ you can get in the market.


The price for all the specs that you are enjoying is definitely Sager’s strongest point. You can buy Sager laptops for under a thousand dollars, and if you want your gear to be a lot more competitive, you might want to check out the upper market releases that they have. If you have the budget, check out the NP9377 and the NP9570 which are among the best recommended for and by Sager owners.