Android Wi-Fi Tether Review

The Android Wi-Fi Tether makes it easy for you to connect your devices to Wi-Fi systems and even get access to 2G and 3G internet systems. It has fixed widget support which makes it easy to use on most rooted devices.

What it does

This app will help you tether android handsets with your other devices, such as a laptop and connect to the internet to give you a chance to try surfing the internet with the help of faster connections. It can also be used with Bluetooth devices that are compatible with 2G or 3G modes. In short, it synchronizes your phones or mobile devices with high-powered internet systems so that it would be convenient for you to do your work or do whatever you need to do online.

How to use

First, you have to get a root system for your device. This is especially important because the device will not work if you do not have root permissions on your devices. You may find it hard to look for this on Android Distribution platforms because it might pose a security risk but there are other websites that offer it so you can look for those websites and check them out. Then, you can directly download the app to your device (it’s easy for those who are still running on the cupcake/Android 1.5 system). It is also recommended that you download the 0.97.1 version because it’s the one that works properly.

It is also recommended that you check if your device comes with the wireless tether system because this would make it easier for you to use the app. If you find that the system is located in the partition, it would be best for you to update the system and remount the wireless system partition. You should also check if your computer or laptop is able to support ad-hoc connections. Usually, the Ubuntu Operating System does not have a lot of ad-hoc support so the app may not work well with that. Tethering binaries and systems should also be checked and may have to be re-installed before downloading and installing the app.



There may be times when you’d notice that Wi-Fi connection keeps on getting disrupted or that you’d see that the connection ends, so it may be a hassle since you actually downloaded this app for you to have a better connection.

Also, if you are using devices that run on the Linux/Ubuntu Operating Systems, you may notice the “No Net Filter” notification from time to time. This means that your device does not have the features that are meant for tethering which makes it incompatible with the app. Some applications such as “Shop Savvy” are also not compatible with the app which will then keep on disconnecting the device from the internet and may be another cause of inconvenience for you.

You may also notice the “Configure Net Filter Match Mac” notification. This means that you will not have proper control over the device as you do not have permission to access it. You should then configure the options of the kernels in your device to check if you should actually download the app or if it can work on your device.

The Verdict

While the purpose of this app is really brilliant, the fact that it’s kind of hard to install and that you have to check a lot of things before downloading and installing it makes me think that the Android Wi-Fi Tether is not a very convenient app to download. However, if your computer/laptop and your device have the right specs to make this work, then there’s no problem. I tried it once and it was fine. You just have to make sure that you checked your devices properly before installing so you would not have to encounter any kind of hassle.