Alienware Laptops: Should You Buy Them?

Alienware is a popular maker of gaming computers which are custom built to give superior gaming experiences. With their top of the line specifications and peripherals which facilitate better gaming control, performance and comfort, these computers are quite expensive and will definitely require a lot of evaluation before buying. In recent years, they have come out with laptop models, because of the popularity of laptop gaming, and these are what we’ll look at today. The main question is if Alienware laptops are worth the price.

First of all, let’s make a distinction about laptop gaming. If you intend to play games as the primary reason for getting an Alienware laptop, then this article is for you. If you intend to use the laptop heavily or considerably for some other purpose such as work and internet browsing, then there are surely other options out there for you. The specifications of laptops nowadays are extremely high, even for basic models. This is because the price of manufacturing them has gone down due to the expertise gained by the industry over the years. Many laptops can perform quite well on a wide variety of games, even if they are not really “gaming” models. With that, are Alienware laptops worth the price?


The main idea of buying a laptop is for mobility, or the ability to play games even when you’re out of the house. By being able to bring your computer with you anywhere, you ensure that you will always be able to play during breaks in your scheduled commitments. In this regard, you will need a laptop that is compact (nothing more than 15 inches is ideal) and lightweight (ideally less than 5 lbs). In this regard, Alienware laptops are quite bulky and heavy. To really get the most gaming power, it is chock full of added components (mostly cooling devices to prevent overheating) and this added weight can make for a sore back or shoulders. Consider also that these laptops will never quite perform as well as a gaming desktop at the same price. Alienware laptops are not worth the price – but a gaming desktop of equal value surely is.

Secondly, we’ll look at the gaming peripherals which are included with the laptop. Alienware laptops commonly include special function keys, advanced touchpad technology, and other features which help in the actual playing of games. This is one of the most common arguments people give as to why Alienware laptops are worth the price. However, if you really needed such specialized features, the use of a separate gaming keyboard or touchpad will enable you to have the same effect, even if you are not using an Alienware laptop. This is a better alternative which allows you greater flexibility and allows you to use the same if in case you want to have a gaming desktop at home as well. In essence, having the gaming peripherals attached to the laptop body cripples the scalability of the setup.

In other words, Alienware laptops are an example of a beautiful piece of technology that isn’t quite different enough to warrant its purchase. The same results can be successfully achieved with different technologies which are commonly available at a much lower price. With the flexibility offered by this alternate setup, wherein scalability and modularity is much easier, the dilemma of being stuck while everyone upgrades around you is avoided. Are Alienware laptops worth the price? The evidence says no. The robust design and innovative features are all great, but for the purposes they are trying to serve, which is portable gaming, they don’t work very well.


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