The Case Against Macbooks

Let’s face it – Macbooks have become extremely popular, and it seems that nowadays everybody has one. In the not-so-distant past, Mac computers were seen as second-rate machines, certainly well-packaged and with an interesting appearance, but that is mostly all they have going for them. But why are laptops better than Macbooks? In this article, we’ll look at the many advantages that Macbook fanatics tout as their strongest points against PC laptops, and show that they don’t hold up.


1. “It looks so much better than your boring laptop”

If you strip away the glamor and look at each as they truly are, you’ll see that there is not much difference anyway. The basic structure is the same, a box that opens up like a clam, with the same positioning and components. The discerning person who truly cared about his/her computer’s appearance would never allow any manufacturer to dictate the look, be it a Macbook or a PC. There are many customization options available, and some shops even allow for casings and bodies to be built specifically for the customer – but these generally only assemble PC laptops. To truly be unique, the full customization experience is available to the PC laptop owner, not the snooty guy with the Macbook.


2. “It just works!”

As a tangent to the point made above, the Macbook is available only in the specifications that Apple has made available. PC laptop parts and customization experts can change up many components in the laptop’s hardware itself, being able to achieve more at a generally lower price than what an equivalent Macbook would fetch. Add to that the sheer variety of choices (Macbooks are very limited in terms of compatibility) in peripherals, operating systems and programs, and you’ll see that the reason “it just works” is only because you can’t do very much with it, anyway, which is another simple reason why laptops are better.


3. “No viruses!”

For now, maybe, but that won’t always be the case. In fact, there may already be viruses for OSX systems which are just not known about or understood well enough at this point. The strength of PC in fighting viruses

is that it leverages the collective experience and expertise of the large community which has experienced similar problems and is capable of fixing them – and this is one of the strongest reasons why laptops are better than Macbooks. OSX systems does not have that same advantage – as all troubleshooting and fighting viruses is centralized to a limited number of geniuses. What happens if that genius runs out? What happens if they are overwhelmed by the increasing number of Macbook users with malicious intent which is sure to happen precisely because of its current ubiquity? Macbook users should be very afraid, indeed.


In closing, these are three of the top reasons why laptops are better than Macbooks. The thing to remember is that the technology always catches up, so any features appearing in Macbooks will eventually be incorporated into PCs (and vice versa) if they make sense. There is no real advantage to owning a Macbook at this point; it’s just a different way of working towards the same sort of functions. The difference is that PC laptops have definitely found more applications for their capabilities than Macbooks have, but the PC users don’t find the need to brag about it. Personally, I have used both PCs and Macs extensively, and from an objective standpoint, there really are so many ways why laptops are better than Macbooks.


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