Ensuring the Security of Your Smartphone

Losing your phone can be potentially catastrophic. The loss of your contacts, documents stored and the compromising of sensitive personal and business data are all extremely damaging losses which can cripple your personal life as well as your work. Of course, all smartphone users should be aware of these and take the necessary steps to ensure that the chances of losing the phone are impossible or very slim. However, everybody makes mistakes sometimes, and it can happen to even the most careful individuals. To that end, there are many ways to track your lost or stolen phone, and here are some of them:

Protecting a phone from getting lost in the first place is the biggest priority. To do this, there are some things you can do to prepare. By far, the most useful of these is to use a spare phone if you are expecting to go out to activities which may make you more prone to losing your phone. If going hiking, for example, you won’t likely need a smart phone as long as you can be called and messaged. This saves you the trouble of having to track your lost phone later. Same goes when going out to a party where you expect to drink a lot. As well, you can make arrangements with a trusted friend that you will both look out for each other’s belongings.


To increase the chances of getting your phone back in the event that you do lose it, there are several apps available that you should take a look at now, while you have your phone with you. These apps are varied and their effects range from disabling the phone completely, using GPS in tracking your lost phone, remotely wiping the data in it, and uses the camera to see where the phone is. Just check the features of each and see if they fit your needs, so you can decide on which one to use. Examples of these apps include Android Device Manager (Android), Find my iPhone (iOS), Bit Defender Anti-Theft, and GadgetTrak. There are many more out there, so just check them out.

If you have already lost your phone, then recovering it may still be an option. First, try calling your number, as it might just be somewhere in your vicinity. Retracing your steps at the time you lost the phone can also be invaluable, as business establishments will generally keep lost phones for retrieval (provided they found it first and the staff member did not take it). There are also web services available which help with tracking lost phones, such as and lost and found databases which you can contact.

Losing your phone is a very bad thing, especially if it plays a big role in your personal and professional life (and with today’s lifestyle, it likely does). Doing all that you can to protect it from loss and theft is the smartest thing that you can do. By following the tips we have outlined above, hopefully, you’ll be able to prevent it from happening completely, or at least recover it in the quickest way possible through tracking your lost phone, and without any adverse effects. The apps mentioned in the article are all extremely useful. The only downside is that they should be setup automatically upon purchase of the device, so that people are not subject to forgetting to configure them.


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